Saturday, December 10, 2011

Studio Projects CS-1 review and audio samples

Olla, long time no see. I got a microphone recently that highly impressed me for it's price. The Studio Projects CS-1. Very full and rich sounding microphone with lots of bottom and no harsh sounding high frequencies. Very flexible with a four step bass cut and a four step high cut. Great to tame deep frequencies of an upright or bass cabinet. I use them much more often than I thought. It has a very high output and is very quiet as well. In combination with a nice tube preamp it really shines. Street price was 600 Euro a few years ago and I got this one for not even a third of the original price. I know it's Chinese - but it's the best Chinese microphone I had so far. It's very good on vocals and doesn't push sibilance.
Here are some acoustic guitar samples:

The shock mount is very functional and much better than the ones from SE Electronics for example. All in all there is more love in this product, and that's why I rate it a 8/10

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