Sunday, July 24, 2011


A big wannabe... Made in China and designed in England - maybe it would be better the other way round? It's big and of course full of features. I read so much about the Liquid Pres and I heard so little. The front panel is designed by "Anarcho" - which means no system required. Some channels have this feature some have that feature and others lack just almost everything. Cheap plastic buttons sprayed with aluminum color make me think of rednecks in red Mazdas who act like they where driving Ferraris.
I was not happy with the pres. Not enough clean gain - even less when using the liquid pres. The way the potis react is a joke - nothing happens until 8 and then you have to fine adjust the gain with the finger tips of your finger tips. But you can only do that until 9, cause than the noise is too loud. Focusrite should ship some tweezers with the unit so we'd be able to really control the gain. This unit just doesn't feel right, sometimes the hardware didn't react on the software and all in all I just don't want to spend 700 Euros for this! So I rate this thing a 2/10.

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