Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Zoom H1

After having spent two happy years with the Zoom H4N I finally ordered the little brother - and as size matters for me when it's about portable recording I decided to keep it. It's much lighter and portable and only uses one battery. I also like the fact that it just has one main recording button - even my singer can use it. But there is a lot I don't like: It's 100% plastic and needs special care if you want to keep it for long. So be sure to have some warranty - I would not buy it second hand... I can't use it as an audio interface via USB and this is really not nice. Shame on you Zoom. Would be great to use it for multitrack recording with a laptop or with an iPad while traveling. The recording quality is very ok for it's size - and that's the most important thing. A standard SM58 pop filter fits and is able to get rid of some wind noise while recording outside. But the handling noise is almost unacceptable due to the plastic case. So make sure to put it on a tripod. It has a bit less noise/hiss than the mobile tascam recorders. I rate that thing a 6/10.

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