Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: TC Electronic Impact Twin

When I got it I was surprised by its size - it's pretty big for what it is. Much bigger than a RME UC for example. It's kind of wrapped in black plastic which protects the knobs and buttons a bit and seems solid. A Firewire 800 to 400 adapter is included in the package as well as a very short Firewire cable. The sound is ok when you are on the go and I tend to describe it as transparent and clear. It has a few gimmicks like two headphone output, three useful monitor options (stereo, mono, side!), it comes with onboard compressor and reverb and both are good things to have. Don't use the compressor to much - just a bit can be nice... The software seems smooth and offers some some more features that can come in handy (de-esser is shit / eq is ok). For me it's an good interface. Enough preamp gain and satisfying results. ADAT and MIDI are nice - I could recommend it to beginners with ambitions as it seems to have everything that you need to get started. I use it in my drum room with two additional external preamps. I got mine in 2nd hand (in very good condition) for 160 Euro and for this price you can't go wrong. I keep it and rate that thing a 7/10.

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