Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Well, personally I had some problems with the "pro". It seems like a good feature set on paper but I got disappointed several times since I unpacked it. The case looks stable and the fact that I don't need an extra power supply is a plus. So far for the good things... Lots of other things frightened me. The buttons are made of plastic (aluminum color...), the mic preamps offer not enough noise-free gain and you also can not really control that gain you don't have. Almost nothing happens until you turn the knob to 8 and then you have around 30 db available between 8 and 9. Above 9 the signal is too noisy. It's so bad I even thought that my device was broken and so I sent it back. Just to find out that it's the same problem with the bigger brother that I already reviewed here: Liquid Saffire 56. It's better to save some money for a device that is more "pro" and less a cheap compromise. I rate this box a 3/10.

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