Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Apogee ONE

Well, I got this one new for 220 Euros and the break-out cable connector was kind of broken from the start. It lost contact easily and the whole device would not work when it was not plugged. I searched some forums and I was not the only one who had this problem. Some people think it's normal -but it's not. Keeping the cable connected when using the internal mic on a mic stand would make no sense anyway. So i sent it back and got another offer the same week almost new in perfect condition with 2,5 years of warranty for 150 €. I think thats a more reasonable price... And the warranty really matters for me regarding the amount of plastic.
When comparing the D/A conversion with the output of a actual iMac I have to say there is not as much difference as I hoped there would be. So I'm a bit disappointed with that but the level of the headphone amp is very strong. Pros are (for once) the USB connection regarding flexability with apple notebooks, portability, phantom power and the good mic preamp quality. Cons are plastic, price, the usb connector and the break-out cable. The internal mic is useable for "emergency recording" - it's always better than having no recording at all. I rate that thing a 6/10.

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